Friday Favorites – Cordial Punch Press

Every Christmas I have a contest with all the cards we get in the mail.  Which one is the best?  Sometimes it is the most creatively laid out one.  Other times its the best photograph on the front.  More often it is a mix of both.  I do the same thing for “Save the Dates” and Wedding Invitations.  Who has the most intricate lettering, the most clever wording, or even the most unique stamp?  I have always wanted to win the perpetual “Christmas Card” that I hold in my own head, but I never seemed to do that.

When I was searching for Wedding Invitations for our nuptials in August I was determined to finally win.  I went to all the usual places that have the pre-made designs for invitations, but I knew that it just wasn’t what I wanted.  I wanted something that I would look at on our 25th anniversary and be “wowed” by it.  I took to Instagram for inspiration.  A few scrolls and clicks later I found what I had been looking for!

Lyndsey Bullock the superwoman behind Cordial Punch Press was the answer to my success in finally winning the Christmas Card Contest!  Her designs were so unique and personal that I just had to reach out to see what she could do for the wedding invitations.  I was expecting high prices and a cold shoulder – much like other designers that I had contacted in the past, but what I got was nothing shy of AMAZING!  The irony of it all was that she only lives a short distance from my hometown and she was familiar with my photographer!


Over the course of a few months she went from simply designing our Wedding Invitations to being the “look” of the entire wedding.  She took an interest in exactly what I wanted and gave me options to choose from until we found the perfect combination.  Lyndsey even placed a few hidden Mickey’s in there to show my love for Disney! She went above and beyond to make sure that our special day was beyond what we could have imagined.  Lyndsey did  not only the invitations, but table numbers, seating charts, welcome bags, and so much more!  We received so many compliments on our paper goods and I proudly told them that Cordial Punch Press was behind all of it.

Now, a few months after the wedding Lyndsey is creating even more magic in my life!  She is going to be working to create the blog’s identity with a logo and other pieces.  Her work is impeccable and I cannot wait to see what she comes up with.  She is also going to help me win the “Christmas Card Contest” with our first ever Christmas Card as the Howard Family!

I am so thankful that I found Lyndsey at Cordial Punch Press.  If you want to learn more about Lyndsey’s business or see some of the things she has worked on please follow this link to her website!

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