Welcome to New York

This past weekend my husband and I took our first long weekend trip since we got married.  Boy did I need a little break from the normalcy of everyday life. I am almost certain that Evan really needed it too.  We packed up the truck and took off for the East coast.

First stop was Germantown, Maryland, where we visited some of my cousins.  We found ourselves in the cutest townhouse with my 4 cousins and their crazy little dog, Desmond.  We couldn’t have felt more at home.  We always get a little nervous when staying in other people’s homes, as we don’t want to cause an inconvenience, but the Fields made sure we never felt like more than exactly what we were – Family.

We took the drive over to College Park to watch the University of Michigan (Go Blue!) take on the Terrapins of the University of Maryland.  Our seats ended up being so close to the field, you could look the players in the eyes.  It was such an awesome experience and I am pretty sure Evan was the giddiest I have ever seen him.  We came out with the win and some pretty great photos to keep those memories forever.

The next day we took on the “Big Apple.”  Evan had never been to a city like this.  The hustle and bustle could get difficult day after day, but for the weekend it was the perfect get away.  After trying to maneuver around the big city, in our equally large truck we took to the streets by foot.

Wandering up and down the many, many avenues and streets we found ourselves in Central Park. This area of the city just amazes me.  It is like walking into a different city or a different time completely.  There is something so magical about walking through this place.  It’s like nothing I have ever done before.  Even though you are surrounded by the city, you truly can escape it all there.

After the wonder of Central Park we found ourselves in the midst of New York at the holiday times.  Many of the stores had decorated for Christmas and even the ice skating rinks were open.  You could really feel the holiday spirit alive in this city.  The Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center was even going up.  Now, that is one big tree.  I would love to see how they get that tree in that space.  Can you imagine that?

My favorite part of the trip though was seeing the iconic, Radio City Rockettes in their Christmas Spectacular show.  It seems like this show and Christmas in New York are synonymous.  I would recommend this show to absolutely anyone.  Radio City Music Hall in and of itself is stunning.  Rich red velvet and gold accents adorn the walls and the staircases.  The music is played live by the pit orchestra who rise and fall from below the stage to on it.  The dancing is like nothing you have seen.  These woman are so absolutely talented, it will be hard not to smile the whole show.  Like many, my favorite part was when the Rockettes did their toy soldier act! Just wait for the cannon at the end! It is definitely a must see for all and made the trip! The only thing that would have made this trip any better would have been a sweet dusting of snow on the ground.

Getting away from little Frankenmuth is sometimes the greatest thing in the world.  Seeing the big city is an amazing experience and I am sure that we will be back.  If there is one thing that it made me remember it’s this: There is no place like home at the holidays.  And there is definitely no place like Frankenmuth at Christmas time.

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