I wish people knew who you really were.

You paint this picture – where your’e the hero, or this misunderstood martyr.

You know the right people, and you know exactly what to say.

You may be the big man on campus, but you know to make others feel small.

You scare with your authority, and punish with your stare.

When people are around, you wear a mask that few can understand.

Bridges burned, leaving only ashes in your wake – years

-that’s what it will take to rebuild what you have scorched.


If they knew who you really were –

They would know you are a quitter, a fake.

You only say what you feel and not what you know.

You teach, but you will not learn, and you do not care.

Instead of using your position to help, you use it to instill fear.

You wear your mask in fear –

-fear of acceptance or rejection.

You walk with the intent to wound, but I see through.


If people really knew you, maybe they would finally understand me.


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