Ohh Baby, Baby!

It is pretty obvious that I have been pretty M.I.A. lately, but seriously, there has been some big news since the last time I wrote. Evan and I are having a baby! We truly could not be more ecstatic, August can’t come soon enough. Right now, it seems so far away, but I am certain that it is going to come all too quickly.  We have been busy cleaning the house, getting all the last-minute projects done, and doing a lot of reading on this little nugget.  Well, I am doing a lot of reading. We are trying to prepare ourselves for what I am sure is going to be the greatest thing in our life and we don’t want to mess it up too bad.  Although, it seems like all the best parents made a few mistakes here and there.

Anyway, I am not here to write to you about how great of parents we are going to be or about how many books I have been reading on a daily basis. I am here to answer all those questions I am sure you are just itching to ask.

How did you find out?

Well folks, it was the heartburn. I have never had heartburn in my entire life and toward the end of November/beginning of December, I had the worst heartburn with almost anything I ate.  I was flabbergasted when I looked up “sudden heartburn” and pregnancy was a common cause in women. At this point I think I had already taken 4 tests that all had come out negative, but that night I reluctantly went home and peed on yet another stick.  Poof! Pregnant and 6 weeks along.

Were you trying?

Ok, come on people. If you are having unprotected intercourse – you’re trying. This isn’t some kind of secret that only married couples know. Evan and I knew from the get go that we didn’t want to wait very long to have little ones fill our home. I will tell you though, it happened on the first try.  Now, I had hoped it would happen, but it seems like every other story you hear these days are people having trouble getting pregnant at all.  We knew what we wanted and we didn’t want to waste any time, just in case we were part of every growing group of people who have a difficult time conceiving.

You’re so young, you just got married – why are you in such a rush?

My answer to this question is a resounding, so what? We are in no rush, we are just doing things the way and in the manner, that we choose to do so.  Evan and I were ready and prepared for this pregnancy and we are beyond happy about it.  If you have an issue with how “fast” it was or how “young” we are, please keep it to yourself.  Positive vibes only for this mama.

Is it a boy or a girl? Are you going to find out?

When that time comes along we are going to find out, however, that is not going to be for quite a few more weeks.  I am much to impatient to wait an entire 40 weeks to find out with the little blob on my ultrasound is.  For those of you who are going to try and tell me to “wait” and “be surprised.” Thanks, but I am good.  Evan and I are very content on knowing what we are having and if you would like to be surprised please just ignore me and my social media until August.

Are you having morning sickness? Are you craving pickles and ice cream?

Actually, I would call it “all the time sickness,” but yes.  Honestly, it is pretty miserable and I can’t eat anything that I really want, but it is so worth it knowing that this little baby is what is causing it.  No, I am not having any weird cravings or anything yet, but I do love pickles and ice cream.  Maybe not together, but separate they are great!

Can I touch your belly?

Well, as of right now all you will be touching is fat, but sure go ahead, at least you asked.  Everyone these days wants to touch my belly or talk to the baby.  The majority of people ask how I am feeling and offer some advice from their pregnancy.  I am happy and open to all of those little tidbits…you never know what might work.  However, if you want to touch me, please ask me.  I am sure my baby doesn’t care which stranger is talking to him or her or what they are saying, but this is still my body and I don’t like just anyone deciding they need to feel me up.

Evan and I are so excited to share with you all the journey the next 6 months will take us on, so feel free to drop us a line or leave a comment. I will be sure to share with you as much as I can, and I can guarantee that there will be lots of cute little baby pictures headed your way, just like this one…


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  1. I’m coming at you full force tomorrow with my hands extended and ready to touch the belly!!! Haha. But really… I am not looking forward to that either. I might keep a fly swatter on me to swat away the people who try to touch me without asking. Lol.

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  2. Tanya Wombwell says:

    Hey Olivia,
    I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy for you and Evan. My husband and I are currently 32 weeks pregnant and the 1st trimester really sucked. I had morning sickness all day and nothing seemed to help at all!! If you have any questions about being pregnant please feel free to ask me as I am currently still going through this pregnancy! My heartburn has been insane in this last trimester and I found out that milk seems to help calm it down for me.

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