2019: Transformation

Well, here we are again, the beginning of a new year. Bring on the cliches about new year resolutions and the even more cliche moment when those resolutions are abandoned and given up. ADD MORE

Starting in 2018, after Calvin was born, I decided I wasn’t going to wait until the new year. I decided I was going to take control of my health and wellness right then and there. Six weeks after I gave birth to an almost 10 pound baby, I joined BEACHBODY as a coach and haven’t turned back. Everyone says its 80/20. 80% what you eat and 20% your exercise. 80% clean eating and 20% flexible eating. Honestly, though I feel like it should include the mental part too. Mentally, to dedicate your life to change has been one of the hardest tings I have ever done. Not only am I adjusting to my new title as mom, but truly committing to a lifestyle change was so much harder than I could have imagined.

Enter Shaun T. and Transform:20. I needed more than just a workout. I need something that was going to not only challenge me mentally, but strengthen me mentally as well. Transform:20 is a step aerobic program, designed to challenge you physically and mentally on all levels. It’s exactly what I needed to start off 2019 on the right foot. The program starts January 14th for early access and I cannot wait. Until then, I am going to keep trying to master this step and fill in with other workouts – and hey – maybe I will even get out there and get my butt back to running.

Now, even though I am super excited to continue my journey with health and wellness, I also wanted to start a new journey in the new year. I wanted to transform more then just my body. I decided I was going to transform my home as well. Decluttering. My husband is going to think I am crazy and probably not believe that I am going to start on this journey. He is constantly reminding me how many pairs of shoes I have and every time I come home with new clothes he reminds me that I “really should get rid of some of he clothes I already have”. Don’t tell him, but he is right. I have gone far too long without doing a deep cleanse of all of “the stuff”.

Our entire lives, we feel like we need stuff. Stuff in our home. Stuff in our car. Stuff. Stuff. STUFF!!! We are bogged down by all of the things we surround ourselves with. Starting today, I plan to get rid of “the stuff” I do not need and only keep the things that are essential. I want to be able to focus more on being a better mom, wife, and person. Purging my life of all the non-essentials will help change the focus from all the things and to the people that matter.

If you want to join me on my TRANSFORMATION in health and wellness and also in decluttering, keep following this blog and on Instagram!

Talk to you soon!



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