Date 1/52 – Dinner and a Movie

“In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic,” Iman.

What better way to start this 52-date journey with the classic date night duo of dinner and a movie? It’s the characteristic first date and lucky for us, our first date actually included dinner and a movie.  So, we decided to recreate some of the iconic moments from that date. What a perfect place tostart our year long journey.

On our first date, we walked around some of our local shops, had cupcakes for dinner (yeah shame on me, but it was so worth it), and went to the movies. The cinema is the perfect place for the first date, it provides an opportunity for some of the single most iconic moments in the history of dating….

• Guy slowly stretches to put his arm around his girl.

• Hands casually touch in the popcorn bucket.

• Maybe you sneak in a make out session in if you are sitting far enough to the back. 

La La Land. Dir. Damien Chazelle. Summit Entertainment. 2016. Film.

Going to the movies is such a popular past time and date night activity that it makes the global box office movies over a $40 billion industry. On top of just the movie, dinner and movie date nights are being taking to a whole new level at theater’s like AMC Dine-In Theaters.  

Food can be ordered before the movie starts, brought to you during the opening credits, and your meal can be eaten as you watch said movie.  This is all done from your designated spot in the theater. 

A few months back, we decided to give one of these places a try.  We drove over two hours away to have our “true” dinner and movie date.  Although the experience itself was something new and exciting, I missed the interactions that Evan and I would have as we sat at dinner. My favorite part of these kinds of dates wasn’t watching the suspenseful movie or even Evan subtly grazing my hand with his in the popcorn bowl.  It was the time we spent together walking around endlessly talking.  The deep conversation we would have over a big bowl of Olive Garden spaghetti and a good glass of red wine.  It was in those very important moments that we forged the foundation of our relationship and eventual marriage. 

Last night was no different than our true first date.  I walked in the house to pick up Evan and he had gone with the theme and really dressed up for the date night – collared shirt and everything. We took off for dinner, and even though our first choice of restaurant had too long of a wait for us, we rolled with the punches and found a place down the street. We had an entire dining room to ourselves. Like our first date in 2012, we talked about the future, our future.  We talked about Calvin and his upcoming first birthday (Yeah, I have no idea who is letting this kid turn one, but I didn’t get a say!), we talked about the addition we want to add to our house, the careers we are both still striving to find. It was like we were 18 again.

I know Evan doesn’t believe me, but after our first date, I knew.  I knew that he was the person I would marry.  Call me a hopeless romantic, but 18-year-old me knew the rest of her life was going to be with this guy by her side. The only way I could have ever known this though was the because Evan wasn’t afraid to talk about what he wanted and how he was going to get there.  Just like yesterday, he wasn’t afraid to dream about the future that he wanted for us. Not everyone is blessed enough to have someone in their lives that can visualize the future, but then also put a plan into place on how to get there.

Dinner was the perfect opportunity for us to relive those moments and enjoy just being with each other – we both even tried something new at dinner, just to make it fun. We had a little time to kill between dinner and the movie screening, so we just drove around.  We drove through the college campus that Evan had attended.  Seeing some of the places that we had once walked, the library that Evan spent many hours in, or the Starbucks where I would sneak Scherzer into Evan’s fraternity meetings – don’t tell the janitorial staff! It was neat to see this place from a different perspective.  

Finally, we made it to the movie just in time to catch the previews and decide that we would absolutely be going to see Chadwick Boseman’s new movie, “21 Bridges”, when it comes out on Thanksgiving. The feature presentation started rolling, “Spider-Man: Far From Home”, and I didn’t even fall asleep, which is somewhat astonishing to both Evan and I, as the movie start time was even after my usual bedtime, but, Hey! It was date night!

I won’t give away any spoilers, but if you are a Marvel fan, you are going to love this movie! Stay awake for the whole thing – It will be worth it.  As the eve of Date Night 1 wrapped up, we already started to plan the next few weeks of date nights – it’s an exciting feeling knowing that every week we get to go out, just the two of us, and do something fun! Look for some exciting upcoming dates featuring: the greatest game ever played, macaroni and cheese waffle cones, and a mouse…stay tuned! 

XOXO – Olivia

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