Meet Olivia

Hi I’m Olivia!

Photograph by Jennifer Pierce Photography

Seven years ago had someone told me that today I would be sitting at a desk job, married, with two dogs; I would have fallen off my rocker. My freshman year of college I had almost come to terms with the idea that I would never figure out where my life was supposed to go, who I was (or was supposed to be), let alone who I was supposed to do it with. I had a very unpleasant roommate, my boyfriend had just dumped me, and I simply had to pick classes that would determine my career path and ultimately my entirely livelihood. No big deal, right? College is supposed to be this time of independence, learning, and self discovery, for me it was starting off as a nightmare.

Now, in the movies this is where the super buff jock, with the mysterious past comes walking in and sweeps me off my feet. Well, it totally happened that way, except he was this cute and awkward redhead from back home.  He had no mysterious past, but he sure could run a football.  He didn’t so much sweep me off my feet, as I kind of just fell into his lap, at least that’s what he always says. He soon turned out to be the push I needed to get off my sorry butt and start truly living my life.

I can’t give Evan all the credit though.  He was and always will be a huge influence on me and helped shape me to be the woman I am today. However, he was only the foothold I needed to climb out of the hole I had dug for myself. Coming from small town U.S.A., you learn to love and recognize the small things, yet appreciate the vastness of the beyond.  It created a want for adventure outside the walls of my little old German town in the mitten, but I never felt worthy enough to take those dreams and embark on the journey. That is where Evan truly stepped in and drove me to be a better version of the “common” me. From there I created the 2.0 version that I am still working on today.

I now believe in trying new things, loving the ones you’re with, and giving it all to God.  I am an advocate for doing exactly what you want to do, when you want to do it.  I am a self proclaimed Disney expert and a goal getter.  I don’t think there is ever an excuse to not do something you love are deem worth while. Life is an undertaking worth squeezing out every single drop of goodness. I love taking the risk that no one else is willing to do.  I love going on the trail that has yet to be blazed.  I am certain now that no one can be common if they simply try to be extraordinary.

Michigan Mommin’ is where I will be sharing the goodness that I am squeezing out of my life.  It will be here that I will be documenting the adventures I have taken and the ones I have yet to embark on. The ups and downs of this life will be documented in the pages of this blog.  I can say you are likely to see me at my worst, but you will most certainly see me at my best as well.  You will see that I am just like the rest of you, I am just baring it all for you to see – the good, the bad, the crazy.

So here I am, seven years later – Married to that awkward redhead, who now has a big red beard to match.  We have two furchildren that have given us way more than we had bargained for, but they are so worth it.  A little boy with the personality to match his namesake. We live in a house where nothing matches and the dogs have hair everywhere (thank goodness for the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser).  Our hearts are full and our lives even more so.  We have little to regret and lots to live for. So remember this, life comes at you fast, like a line drive to the pitcher – will you let it pass you and hope someone else picks it up or will you catch it and go?

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