Date 2 – Putt Putt and Parenting

Almost every single person was shocked to see us out WITHOUT OUT BABY. It was as if it was shocking to them to see that Calvin’s mom and dad had…*gasp*…left him at home with a babysitter.

Date 1/52 – Dinner and a Movie

What better way to start this 52-date journey with the classic date night duo of dinner and a movie? It’s the characteristic first date and lucky for us, our first date actually included dinner and a movie.

52 Days of Dates

Isn’t it just so easy to fall into your day to day habits where “date night” falls by the wayside? You feel like you don’t have the time, you feel guilty for leaving the kid(s) home while you go and have fun, or you get home late from work and you just want to plop on the couch and watch another woman go on “date night” with 20 some men, instead of going on your own date.