Date 1/52 – Dinner and a Movie

What better way to start this 52-date journey with the classic date night duo of dinner and a movie? It’s the characteristic first date and lucky for us, our first date actually included dinner and a movie.

52 Days of Dates

Isn’t it just so easy to fall into your day to day habits where “date night” falls by the wayside? You feel like you don’t have the time, you feel guilty for leaving the kid(s) home while you go and have fun, or you get home late from work and you just want to plop on the couch and watch another woman go on “date night” with 20 some men, instead of going on your own date.

Friday Favorites – Cordial Punch Press

Every Christmas I have a contest with all the cards we get in the mail.  Which one is the best?  Sometimes it is the most creatively laid out one.  Other times its the best photograph on the front.  More often it is a mix of both.  I do the same thing for “Save the Dates”…

Wedding Day Details

Girls dream about their wedding day for years before they ever set foot down an aisle, and I was not an exception. I had every single detail planned down to the most minute details.  I couldn’t help but think what a breeze it would be to finally be engaged and to get married.  The colors…

Documenting Life as a Wife

A month ago I set off on one of life’s most exciting, but uncertain journey’s… In today’s world truly great marriages seem to be far and few between.  The statistics say we are more likely to get divorced than we are to stay tied to our vows. The media displays matrimony as a fading trend…